PhilChem supplies a wide range of binders to help in the Textile Spun Warp Sizing Process. These Binders can be supplied both in a liquid or dry form. Liquid products typically will have solids levels of between 20-50%. These binders would be useful for a wide range of applications. In the Textile Market, the major attribute of these binders would be an improvement in adhesion of the size to synthetic fibers. Various chemistries are available depending upon the type of fiber being woven. Please Contact Us with your specific product needs.

Lubricants are materials employed to reduce or minimize friction between surfaces moving in contact with one another. This includes Yarn-to-Yarn abrasion as well as Yarn-to-Metal abrasion. PhilChem supplies both Natural and Synthetic lubricants to assist in the Textile weaving process. The quantity of lubricant will depend upon the fibers and fabric construction that is being woven. Please Contact Us for more information regarding the best lubricants for your operation.

Humectants are materials that retain varying degrees of moisture. These products are important to a Textile Spun Warp Sizing operation to maintain the required flexibility of the size film. Various types of humectants are available. Please Contact Us for more information regarding the best Humectants for your particular operation.